Will your carpet cleaner offer Carpet Protection.

A professional carpet cleaner should always be able to offer you a protection package for your carpets.There are many differnt names for this ie;stainshield,protect nano and scotchgaurd are a few of the leading brands.They all work in the same way really.Once you have had your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.This is now the best time to have the carpet protection applied to your carpet.After application it will need a couple of hours before it can be walked on.You carpet cleaner will advise you on this.Now you carpet is protected you need to know the limits of the carpet protection.If you spill or drop something on your carpet your carpet protector will give you time to get some papper towels.Then you need to soak the spill up with the paper towels.The protector will act as a barrier and give you that time needed to sort the problem out.It you leave the spill for to long it will eventually break the barrier formed by the protector and seap in to your carpet.Carpet protection will give you enough time to act in mopping up any spillage.It can serve you well and help to prolong the life of your carpets.

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