Why clean office chairs

Most people will to give their office chair quite a rough time. The worker probably doesn’t exist who hasn’t, at one time or another, spilled a cup of Tea or coffee or a can of soda on an office chair. Workers who eat at their desks leave other types of stains. And almost everyone, at one time or another, has gotten something nasty on their hands and taken the easy way out, using their office chair to wipe it off. Assuming that you don’t want to leave your office chair in the condition it can end up in following incident after incident, here are some suggestions for effective cleaning.

Consider the Material
Before you begin cleaning any offcie chair, you’ll want to determine what type of material or fabric your chair is made out of. If it’s vinyl or leather, probably all you’re going to have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth and maybe a bit of mild detergent. If it’s a fabric Office chair, however, make sure you know what kind. Take a look under the seat – often, the maker places a tag in that location that tells you the fabric construction. The lable may even provide cleaning instructions on it .. If there aren’t any instructions, you can probably safely assume that the fabric is at least half polyester, since most office chairs are upholstered using synthetic fabrics. This is because synthetics don’t stain all that easily, and again you might not have to clean vigorously. In fact, if you get to the stain before it sets, you might be able to just sponge it off with a bit of clear water. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to get to spills before the stain sets, because the manufacturer won’t warranty the chair against stains.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaners
Most upholstery cleaners are foam-based, and will clean, freshen and deodorize soiled upholstery. A professional carpet cleaner will more than likly use a micro splitter for this type of cleaning.. To use a foam cleaner, dampen the chair with a clean rag and some water, but don’t soak it. Then spray on the cleaner, and wipe it in with the rag. Use a dry towel to soak up the excess moisture. Repeat until the upholstery has been cleaned to your satisfaction. This option is ideal for most because you can just keep a bottle in a nearby closet.

Do-it-Yourself Upholstery Cleaner
This is a cheaper alternative to commercial upholstery cleaner. But in the wrong hands could cause damage to the fabric.Why not just call a pro to come and clean all your office chairs and even carpets at the same time. This is some thing we could take care of for you , leaving all your office soft furnishings clean and fresh, Making your office stand out as a clean safe place to do business.

cleaning your office chairs is some thing we love to do so get in touch and let us clean up you business..

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