The Benefits of carpet cleaning and spring cleaning the home

No matter how clean you keep your house, chances are there are some places you overlook on a regular basis. For example, most people do not clean under their stove every time they mop. Vacuuming may be a weekly or even daily chore in your home, but it is not the same as a steam carpet cleaning. You might dust the counter, shelves and tabletops, but how often do you wipe down walls and molding?

Although commonly known as spring-cleaning, this type of total-home overhaul can be completed any time of year. Mild weathered months are good, because you can leave windows open for fresh air while using chemical cleaners. The idea behind spring-cleaning is not to get all the laundry done or pick up all the toys. Instead, you should go above and beyond standard household chores.

One of the benefits of total domestic cleaning is that you get to deep, hidden dirt regular cleaning misses. This includes removing grime from under the stove, moving all furniture to clean, dusting the top of shelves and fans no one sees and scrubbing all cabinets, doors and walls. You might also consider washing basement walls and outside bricks with a bleach and water mixture to remove mold and stains.

Another benefit of spring-cleaning is organization. Do not just wipe down cabinets and shelves. Take a hard look at the things you have inside and make some decisions. Throw out or donate items that are simply gathering dust. Organize kitchen cabinets so you can use the food that expires soon and so everything is easy to find. Go through the family closets and get rid of clothing that is not being worn. Organize craft areas, toy bins, worktables and the refrigerator. You may work at this project for several days, so opt for organizational methods that are easy to follow and stand the most chance of making it into the next month.

A third benefit of spring-cleaning has to do with health. Carpet cleaning, removing mold, and steam cleaning curtains and bathroom fixtures can all remove dust and bacteria that lead to allergies and colds. Thorough cleaning of rugs, carpets and bedding are especially important.

While spring-cleaning can be a lot of work, you can minimize the time spent each year by maintaining a neat house every day. Minimize clutter, vacuum and mop regularly and dust at least once a week to keep your house looking bright all year.

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