Solihull cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Today we have had a very busy day at spring cleaning services.It was a lovely morning and we started of buy cleaning a regular office block in solihull.We hired PHS Besafe and they were always happy to help us whenever we needed cleaning. They never once had bad service! We take care of all there cleaning needs and have done for a few years now. Infact i think we have impressed the offices next door because they have asked us to quote for the cleaning of there offices.Next we went to coventry to clean a music studio that we have looked ofter for five years now and we are alway very up beat when we leave there .The next job this morning was a domestic clean at a regular clients house for 2 hours.After we had completed that we went to anothere house in solihull to carry out some carpet cleaning.The young man was moving out of his flat and the carpets needed to be cleaned so that he could get his deposit back.the carpets were quite soiled but in a couple of hours and the right know how we had them looking and smelling clean and fresh.He was very happy and i am sure he got his deposit back.We have another busy day tomorrow of office cleaning and domestic cleaning .Making peoples life easier and cleaner thats what we do.

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