Spring cleaning services offer Rug Cleaning as one of our many services, Our aim is to help you keep you home and all its furnishing in the best condition possible.Our Rug cleaning service can work in a way that suits you. We can clean your rugs on site if you wish or we offer a take away service. we can pick you Rug up from site and clean it at our workshop and then have it dropped back to you as clean as the day it was new.After inspecting you rug we will decide on the best method of cleaning and inform you of the process we will carry out.All solutions we use are eco friendly and leave no residue behind like some carpet cleaning solutions can. If you would rather we clean you rug on site this is fine with us to. We will treat you rug with the upmost care and through the cleaning process we will use a moisture controll system ensuring your rug is cleaned with the correct amount of water . We do this as to cut down on the effects of rippling or shrinkage. These are two reasons why you should choose a professional carpet cleaner to clean you rug. You can rest assured that we are fully insured to work on your carpets and rugs. We are also a member of THE ASOSSIATION OF CARPET CLEANERS and have many years experience in the carpet cleaning industry.We are fully trained to deal with all situations that may occure and ahave a solution for all you carpet cleaning needs.

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