Hard floor vs Carpet

There is lot of talk at the moment what floor surface is best and also what floor surface is safer. Both floorings have there place in the home and if kept clean they both have there benefits. Not so long a go one of my clients wanted tho change here carpets which i did regular carpet cleaning for .She wanted wooden floors as one of her sons had asthma and believed that a wooden floor would be better for his asthma.After having a chat with one of my colleges also a Birmingham cleaner like myself. I went back to my client and suggested that she do some research first on the benefits of hard floors and asthma.It is to my understanding that a carpeted floor will help to trap dust and fiber particles. In turn stop the from being airborne and more prone to ingestion.With regular vacuuming carpet can be more beneficial to an asthma sufferer.With a hard floor surface dust and fiber particles have more chance of becoming airborne and being inhaled.Although hard floor can be great and if kept clean can be a safe floor type.In the home if there is am asthma sufferer a carpeted room will help to control the airborne particles that could trigger an asthma attack.If a carpet is looked after with regular vacuum cleaning and a carpet cleaning plan say once or twice a year.This can be a very health floor covering for your home .We clean our cloths on a regular basis to keep them smelling fresh and clean.So if we do the same for our carpets they to will be fresh and clean and will last for many years.WE as cleaning company want to get our town of Birmingham cleaner and safer for everyone . If we can help with any of your carpet cleaning needs then please call and see what we can do for you.

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3 Responses to Hard floor vs Carpet

  1. Gerwyn says:

    I totally agree- I’ve been saying this for years

  2. Reggie says:

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