Draft marks on Carpet.

Draft marks are the black filteration marks you get under door ways and around the edge of skirting boards.These marks are caused by air passing up through the sub floor or through any ventilation bricks or vents.In the air there are lots of dirt particals that get blown around.The carpet acts as a filter and traps the particals in the same way a filter in a cigarette. Over time the marks will get darker as the dirt particals attach themselves to the carpet fibers.Over time the can form a solid bond with the carpet and become permanent.If caught Early enough these Draft marks can be removed with a simple carpet cleaning.In some cases a professoanl carpet cleaner will need to use so professioanl stain removal to get rid of the marks.If the marks are left for to long they can become permanent .The only way to prevent draft marks is to seal of the airflow. This can mean tapeing up gaps in the sub floor and using draft excluders on door ways.

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