Carpet cleaning in a care home.

This week we have been carpet cleaning in some care home in solhull that we look after.. We have an on going servce package with the mantainace contracter there. when ever there is a carpet cleaner needed on site we get the call. These care homes are for the mentally challenged so over time there are always a few accidents that need cleaning up. We do enjoy these jobs as we never know what we are walkng in to and we relish that challenge.. we have all the carpet cleaning methods to deal with all situations we might face . we can get a call to say some one has had an accident on a rug so they just need the rug cleaning. Or someone has been spillng drinks and food and made a right mess of the carpets, these are just a couple of the things we get carpet cleaning calls for. As you can probablt imagine there is not much we have not delt wth over our 10 yaers of beng a professional carpet cleaner, But this is allm part of the job. cleaning carpets is an obsession for us and worknig at places like carehomes we know we are gong to be challeged to the best of our ablity. we alway enjoy domestic carpet cleaning too as well as plenty of commercial office carpet cleaning. We have a system to clean all carpets safley and we will alway try our best to have you carpets clean and dry in the fastest time possible..

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