When having a professional carpet cleaning service come to your home after the pre inspection.What is there first stage of the clean???.
All professional carpet cleaners will vacuum and they do this because 80% of the soil in your carpet is dry soil that can be removed by vacuum cleaning.This is why as a professional carpet cleaning service we advise that all our customers vacuum as ofter as possible to maintain there carpet and help to proplong its lifespan.

Another good piece of advise is door mates these really are underestimated and can really help as a barrier between the outside world and you carpet .

Spills the best advise for spills is as followstry and scrape up or mop up as much as you can.Try not to rub it into the carpet as this can cause permant staining.Blotting whith white towels is the best way of soaking up spills.If you are unsure then call a professional carpet cleaner for advise.

scs-carpet cleaning services are always at hand to help with all your carpet cleaning needs

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  1. Very good advice and I do agree with your idea of operation.

    • Thanks Mike i have just had a look at your site and it looks great. I like you are going down the green route with you business.I use a company called solutions for all my carpet cleaning solutions they are all detergent free and rinse with just plain water too.The cleaning power is the best i have use. How is Business over there AT this time ?Also what solutions do you use.
      Hope all is good


  2. sharon says:

    Well put Matthew. Regular vacuuming is often underestimated. What we also find is that most client’s vacuum cleaners lack power, this could be due to lack of maintenance. It is amazing how much soil can be lifted by using a vacuum cleaner that actually works.
    On the cleaning products, we also use Solutions and wouldnt go anywhere else.

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