Carpet clean is a promise that we will get your carpets as clean as possible.We will do this by using Eco-friendly solutions so your carpets are cleaned in the safest way possible .We use a variety of solutions and micosplitters to clean your carpets to the highest standard. We use all the different methods of carpet cleaning which are low moisture cleaning for carpets that can not take to much water or for maintenance cleaning.We also us dry compound cleaning which is similar to low moisture carpet cleaning.Then we offer Bonnet cleaning this can be ideal for maintenance cleaning or for carpet tiles and tight punch carpets.Then there is hot water extraction this is to give your carpets that deep clean from bottom to top. We also offer carpet protection to help keep your carpet free from staining .So carpet clean is the result and promise that we give you. when we carry out any carpet cleaning job sometimes there are stains that will not come out and you will always be advised about this before the cleaning processes is carried out.The promise we do give you is that we will leave you with a clean carpet

every time.

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